Terms And Conditions


Warranty There is a 12 Month warranty period beginning the day you receive your shipment on the engine and transmission parts. Motomaxus guarantees that products will be free of defects in material and workmanship under the following conditions.Warranty Period: Any materials and/or workmanship deemed defective by Motomaxus will be replaced when shipping and handling has been paid. We may, at our discretion, require return of the defective part before shipping replacement part. Photos of defect and/or documentation from a certified mechanic may also be required. Replacement parts will be covered only for the remaining balance of original warranty period, and labor is not covered under this warranty. Limited Liability Motomaxus offers no other warranty of any kind, whether express or implied. Also excluded from this warranty is any incidental or consequential damages including loss of use or injury.


All sales are final. Ocomplete assembled on all products that have been put together

Due to the nature of the product, size, weight and the amount of the transaction and processing through a third party shipping company, we cannot be held responsible for the mistakes of others. If shipping damage has occured and you informed the shipping company within taken delivery on (BOL) shipping bill , once the claim has been filed and accepted, we will ship out the neccessery parts needed. Warranty does not cover shipping damages or misuse of the product. And you agree that Motomaxus is the only one to authorize warranty parts due to availability and to the nature of "products" closeouts and new arrivals. You agree when purchasing from Motomaxus that you give us the right to make all decisions once you have received your product on any or all item descriptions and or all technical service issues.You agree to any and all changes to the terms and conditions that you will be accepting our terms during and after the purchase of product that we have the right to change or undo anything in this contract or through out the website, you are accepting this due to unseen events or to protect from fraud practice and to prevent or deflect a company loss. You agree when you have received your order, all and any third party company's or person does not have the right to determine our policy to abuse and neglect and pursue a refund or show fault in any way. You agree to these terms and conditions after receiving your product and you or a family member, friend or anyone at the address that it was shipped to signing and taking possession from any shipping company that you are waiving your rights for any reason to do a return or refund due to the size, cost, and nature of business and in addition to manufacturer specs may vary from size, shape, color and product models will vary due to closeouts and newly arrived updated models. You agree that if you received a different product and accepted the contents of the package, you have waived your rights to dispute with any third party company. You agree that you will accept the mistake and a refund for the price difference will be given or you will pay for the shipping to and from the warehouse and a 30% restocking fee. You agree to all orders that have taken place through or processed through paypal, google checkout or phone orders, using a Visa, Mastercard or any other type of credit card due to the nature of business and the amount of fraud, and the amount of purchase will be processed and Sold AS IS through any third party company that you used for payment. You agree that the sale of products on our website or any other site that is related to our company, the sale is between Motomaxus and the Customer, and that you agree any third party company that was used for payment has no role to diplomat, interven, govern, regulate, control, or inforce through the contract you signed with them in the purchase of any product we sale. You agree that you will not pursue a return or refund for any reason due to warranty, technical issues, pricing, or anything above in this contract or described through out our website. You agree to honor and respect our terms and conditions and you will be held responsible for any refund given...WE, Motomaxus WILL PROCEED WITH LEGAL ACTION, BUT NOT LIMITED TO AND COURT COST, LAWYER FEES, AND ALL EXPENSES OCURRED DURING AND AFTER WE HAVE PROCEEDED WITH LEGAL ACTION AGAINST YOU, THE CONSUMER through collections, repossesions, and charging of your credit card for the amount due or the return of product in the original package and the cost of shipping to and from our location will be deducted from any and all returns Meaning that you cannot return a product just because you do not want it after you have purchased it. If so, you will be held responsible for the shipping to and from our location and you are subject to a 30% restocking fee and a 10% cancellation fee. You agree to all that has been said throughout our website once you have checked the box to our terms and conditions. Once you have checked the box, your IP address will be recorded and verified. We, Motomaxus, has created these terms and conditions for the sole purpose of our protection to devert any company loss due to the unwillingness or refusal to return a product. You agree to these terms and conditions that you understand completely and you have accepted the entire contract that has been written as the terms and conditions and you completely agree to the terms and conditions without any exceptions. This is a binding contract and it will be inforced to the fullest. This concludes our statement of the terms and conditions and its entirities. You accept the terms and conditions completely and fully once the check box has been checked.


When purchasing any and all products from Motomaxus or from related sites, you agree to these terms and conditions as expressed and implied.Warranty and Return Policy In the unlikely event your item is damaged during shipping, Shipping Damage MUST BE REPORTED TO TRUCKING COMPANY on shipping bill (BOL) AND US WITHIN TAKEN DELIVERY OF UNIT , or it will not be covered. There will be no exceptions.


Exclusions All Dealer's are excluded from the warranty. There is no warranty applied.There is a limited liability warranty. Under these exclusions, all items are purchased as no warranty applies.Workmanship deemed defective by Motomaxus will be replaced when shipping and handling has been paid.When inquiring to become a dealer or there is a price change from the price list, if it is discounted in any way, all warranty's are void. Under these exclusions, we have the right to void all warranty's.

Excluded from warranty coverage is installation of non-manufacturer approved parts, accident, crash or collision damage, any modification, improper maintenance, or improper use and/or abuse. This includes damage to vehicles caused by exceeding the weight limitation for the vehicle. Weight limits are 125 pounds for ATVs and motorcycles 110cc and under in motor size, and 300 pounds for ATVs and motorcycles over 150cc in motor size.Warranty exclusions Filters, Hoses, Lubricants Gaskets, Spark Plugs, Plastics (Fenders, etc.) Standard wear and tear Loss of use Vandalism, Fire, Theft Crash or accident damage Any other related consumer expense or damage.Returns and RefundsAll sales on complete ATVs are final. Returns and Refunds.All items are new in manufacturers packaging.


Customers can only return an item within fifteen days of ordering

that is still in the crate or box that it came in without gas in it...........

There are absolutely no refunds or returns allowed on any complete ATVs, or for any items that have been assembled, used, or have had fuel put in them.Orders are processed and shipped within 2-3 business day from the date of purchase. We will email you a tracking number from the time your shipment leaves our warehouse.We use a third party transportation company to deliver vehicles and Fed Ex to deliver parts. Transit time may take 2-5 business days. During holiday seasons, transit time may be an additional 2-10 business days. Order may not be cancelled or refused due to extended transit schedules.Your order may be cancelled only if we are unable to fulfill and ship your order within 5 business days. You may also cancel your order if your item has not been shipped. However you will be charged a 10% fee to reimburse us for expenses incurred.Once your order ships, you may not cancel your order. If you refuse to accept a delivery, you agree to pay all shipping costs to and from our warehouse in both directions, and a 30% restocking fee for the item.Parts may be returned and/or exchanged less the shipping fee and 30% restocking fee. Parts must be in 100% working, in unused, uninstalled & in resalable condition, and still in the original box. Parts may not be returned if mounted or used. Parts that need to be returned must have an RMA number and the request placed 48 hours after delivery.Refunds are not processed until items have been received into our warehouse. Once the item is received, we will process your refund back to the original credit card or PayPal account used for the original purchase.