Cheap Kids ATVs For Sale

We offer an incredible selection of cheap kids atvs for sale at some of the lowest prices! in the U.S., which includes Free! nationwide U.S. liftgate shipping to your door

110cc kids atvs

$849.00   $575.99

Spiderman 110

$789.00   $585.99


$1,099.00   $775.99


$1,099.99   $775.99

Blue New TaoTao Raptor (Front)
TaoTao Raptor 125cc ATV

$1,099.00   $805.99


$1,199.00   $835.99

Gator 125 Auto or 3sp

$1,149.99   $865.99

Apollo Sniper 125cc ATV (Front)
Apollo Sniper 125cc

$1,599.99   $971.99

Blue TaoTao T-Force 2017 (Front)
TaoTao T-Force 125cc

$1,599.99   $975.99

125cc kids atv

$1,589.00   $1,005.99

Apollo Commander 125cc ATV (Red)
Apollo Commander 125cc

$1,539.99   $1,005.99

Apollo Sportrax 125cc ATV (Black)
Apollo Sportrax 125cc

$1,599.99   $1,005.99

Cheap Kids ATVs For Sale


Having your kids participate in ATV riding is really not all that expensive, but you do have to spend a little bit of money in order to get started. The truth of the matter is that the amount of money that you spend on purchasing your kid’s ATV will depend on three things:


1. What is their riding style?


2. How competitive are they at the sport?


3. What are their individual preferences in ATVs?


 We also offer Free! nationwide U.S. lift gate shipping on all of our cheap kids ATVs for sale. Some of our hottest selling kids ATVs for sale include:

1. Shadow T-Rex 110cc ATV.

2. Shadow Scout 110cc ATV.

3TaoTao Cheetah 110cc ATV.

4. Apollo Commander 125cc ATV.

5. Apollo Sportrax 125cc ATV.


Riding ATVs can be as cheap or as expensive as you want. It’s all up to you. But even as you browse our stellar selection of cheap kids ATVs for sale at MotoMaxUs, your final decision will always be based on individual taste, style, and purpose. For example, if you are searching for the first ATV for your kid for occasional weekend riding purposes, then you probably will not need to purchase the most expensive model. 


There are several less expensive kids ATVs models offered by very reputable manufacturers, such as TaoTao and Shadow that are quite reliable and will work just fine. However, if they participate in professional or amateur ATV sports competitions, you will want to consider one of the more expensive options with lots of extra safety and performance features, such as the 125cc Apollo Commander or Apollo Sportrax 125cc. We offer a wide selection of cheap kids ATVs in a variety of different styles, from camouflage and trendy designs to simple more basic models.


Today, the market is saturated with many types of dirt cheap kids ATVs for sale. The difficult part is finding an ATV dealer that you can trust. MotoMaxUs guarantees the reliability and durability of all of our ATVs for sale, providing a 12 Month Warranty along with Free U.S. liftgate Shipping to your door!


We are simply unlike any other ATV dealer that you will ever find. We never provide inferior products, focusing on providing quality ATVs and dirt bikes at ridiculously low prices, including many top name brands. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the best possible model at the lowest possible price, while also locating the perfect ATV that your kid will enjoy riding for many years to come. MotoMaxUs has an excellent reputation among ATV powersports enthusiasts for providing reliable and quality products that are also safe and affordable.


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