Cheap Adult ATVs For Sale 

Our stellar selection of cheap adult ATVs for sale are for hill climbing and trail riding or to just enjoy the exhilarating feeling of riding an ATV off the beaten path on the weekend. Shop our large selection of adult four wheelers for sale below. 

Land Rover 125 3 Speed

$2,005.99   $1,035.99

125cc Utility ATV

$1,489.00   $1,005.99

Apollo Commander 125cc ATV (Red)
Apollo Commander 125cc

$1,539.99   $1,005.99

Apollo Sportrax 125cc ATV (Black)
Apollo Sportrax 125cc

$1,599.99   $1,005.99

Apollo Sniper 125cc ATV (Front)
Apollo Sniper 125cc

$1,599.99   $971.99

Yellow Apollo Blazer 9 ATV (Front)
Apollo Blazer 9 125cc

$1,599.99   $1,005.99

Blue TaoTao T-Force 2017 (Front)
TaoTao T-Force 125cc

$1,599.99   $975.99

shop buy adult atvs cheap order

$2,899.99   $1,325.99

Bull 150

$1,899.00   $1,235.99

sports atvs low prices

$2,899.00   $1,425.99


$1,889.00   $1,175.99

Crusader 250

$2,459.00   $1,525.99

Adult ATV’s and Four Wheelers For Sale

If you have been looking for affordable adult ATVs or four wheelers that are not cheaply built, then MotoMaxUs is the best place to shop. Four wheelers and ATVs are all terrain vehicles that are rugged and durable, daring to blaze the most difficult trails that most other types of vehicles can only dream about. We offer an incredible selection of four wheelers for sale that are built tough, designed to last, and targeted specifically to adult riders. We recommend that the ATVs we sell are good to use on most uneven landscape, wooded areas, brush, foliage, and all types of terrain through mud. 


Most owners of our Adult ATVs enjoy riding them so much that they begin competing in weekend contests and adventures at off-road parks that provide hours of endless entertainment for the ATV enthusiast. For those who are extra competitive, many of these races even offer cash prizes to the top winners. What an amazing way to see the country! Adult ATV racers get to see areas of the United States that most people don’t even know exist. 


Although we offer the widest selection of cheap adult four-wheelers for sale in one easy-to-find location, many of these adult ATVs are just 2WD. Our expert sales staff will be happy to help you discuss the differences between the two types of all-terrain vehicles. Four wheelers are the most popular sellers, because they are considered more stable to ride and a bit safer, but many consumers still like the thrill and excitement of riding 2WD ATVs. We offer them all at affordable prices.


There are many other reasons to purchase an ATV other than joyriding and thrill-seeking. Many of our customers need all-terrain vehicles to use on the farm or at work. ATV’s have an amazing towing capacity, with great power and the ability to perform in mud, snow, sleet, and all other types of weather. ATV’s can be tremendous workhorses, helping you to complete tasks that other types of vehicles simply can’t handle. Many of our four wheelers for sale can actually tow a full-size tractor that is over twice its own size. Ask your MotoMaxUs sales representative to help you choose the right make and model that will suit your needs.


Hunters really like our ATV selection as well. Owning a rugged four wheeler that has the ability to go through tight spaces, wooded areas, and uneven terrain proves invaluable to an expert hunter, especially after they have successfully downed a deer or other types of prey. ATV’s allow you to easily transport your trophy back to civilization even from the deepest and most secluded parts of backwoods areas. Our wide variety of cheap four wheelers are simply multipurpose vehicles that can be used for nearly any task.


Some of our top selling adult ATVs for sale include:


1. Destiny 125cc ATV

2. TaoTao Bull 150cc ATV

3. Apollo Commander 125cc ATV

4. Apollo Sportrax 125cc ATV

5. Tao Tao Freelander 300 4x4



Riding ATVs can be as cheap or as expensive as you want. It’s all up to you. But even as you browse our stellar selection of cheap adult ATV’s from MotoMaxUs, your final decision will always be based on individual taste, style, and purpose. For example, if you are searching for a durable workhorse of an ATV for commercial use or for work purposes, then you probably will not need to purchase the most expensive sporty model. 


There are several less expensive adult ATV models offered by very reputable manufacturers that are quite reliable and will work just fine. However, if you are participating in professional or amateur sports competitions, you may want to consider one of the more expensive options with lots of extra safety features, such as the TaoTao Freelander 300 4x4 or Mountaineer V-Twin 550. We offer a wide selection of four wheelers and ATVs in a variety of different styles, from camouflage and trendy designs to simple more basic models.


Today, the market is saturated with many types of dirt cheap ATVs for sale. The tough part is finding a dealer that you can trust. MotoMaxUs guarantees the reliability and durability of all of our ATVs, providing a 12 Month Warranty along with Free U.S. Shipping.


We are simply unlike any other ATV dealer that you will ever find. We never provide inferior products, focusing on providing an unbeatable selection of quality ATVs at ridiculously low prices, including many of the top name brands. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the best possible model at the lowest possible price, while also locating the perfect ATV that you will enjoy riding for many years to come! MotoMaxUs has an excellent reputation among ATV powersports enthusiasts for providing reliable and quality products that are also safe and affordable.


For current owners of ATV’s, we also provide a great selection of parts and accessories that can toughen up your existing vehicle for any of these types of challenges. Although you can shop for ATV’s at local dealerships, your choices are usually very limited. MotoMaxUs offers the largest inventory of name brand all-terrain vehicles with Free U.S. Shipping and a 12 Month Warranty package.


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